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About Me

Hi, my name’s Daniel and although I’m no professional driver, but I’ve been driving for some 25 years already. I’ve covered many miles and kilometers, in Europe and the U.S., in big cities and far from them, in the mountains and across deserts, in cheap cars as well as in luxury sedans.

However, until a few years ago, all my driving was done in right-hand traffic (RHT) countries. Although my wife is from England and we kept visiting her parents in London on a regular basis, we just used airport taxis and public transport. That changed, however, when we decided to rent a car to make a few trips outside of London, such as visiting Windsor Castle and Cambridge.

I’m quite a responsible person, so I’d done my research before. I googled phrases like “driving in Britain” or “driving in a left-hand country”, but I was only getting information on speed limits, parking, fuel, etc. Useful information for sure, but nothing focused on the differences between right-hand and left-hand traffic driving.

Despite considering myself an experienced driver, when I first found myself behind a steering wheel of that rental car at Heathrow Airport, I lost most of my driving confidence.

I felt like a beginner again, uncertain which lane to join, which side to look at first, apprehensive of what might come next. I knew I should’ve driven “on the other side”, but that information was certainly not enough. What specific implications did it have for me, a stranger from a right-hand traffic world? What rules could prevent my RHT driving habits from kicking in and causing trouble?

Having no simple rules to latch on, I was thrown into busy London traffic just like that. And I certainly didn’t like the feeling of being a beginner after so many years of driving. I knew that if I didn’t come up with some “difference rules” myself, I’d never have the upper hand when driving in Britain. Or in any other left-hand traffic (LHT) country for that matter.

So gradually, I created the 3 LHT Rules this site is about. First, I came up with Rule No. 1, the most obvious one. Then came Rule No. 2, particularly helpful for finding the right exit lane at intersections. And finally, I came up with Rule No. 3, which navigated me safely through intersections.

The 3 LHT Rules are simple, as they should be! But it actually took me a lot of drives to identify and polish them, as well as to test each rule under various driving situations. In recent years, I’ve been driving in the UK more than before, so I positively can say that using the 3 LHT Rules, you can switch from confident RHT driving to confident LHT driving within a day. For me, it’s a matter of seconds now, but even if you never drove in a left-hand traffic country, within a day you’ll adjust nicely.

I wish I had those rules when I first started driving in Britain! I can’t turn back time, but I can share the 3 LHT Rules with you, and that’s why I created this site. So when YOU search for “driving in Britain” or “driving in a left-hand country”, you’ll find the information that I hadn’t. Enjoy and drive safely!

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